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Larkin Love

Larkin Love,
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== BIO ==
-Name: Larkin Love
-Sex: Female
-Age: 26
-Height: 5'5
-Sign: Scorpio
-Location: Los Angeles, CA
-Occupation: Lover
-Ink/Metal: If you look at me with a magnifying glass, you'll see that I'm just one giant lifesize tattoo of myself on myself.
-Scars/Birthmarks: Many
-Music: synthpop, electroclash, trip-hop, trance, house, glam rock, punk, and the soothing sounds of whales fucking
-TV: I tend to enjoy anything Adult Swim would show. HUGE fan of cartoons.
-Movies: The Fifth Element, Event Horizon, Alien (1-4), Blade, The Godfather, SLC Punk, Barbarella, Hot Tub Time Machine
-Videogames: Portal, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Dance Dance Revolution
-Food: Dead animals, preferably raw. Sushi. Steak. Caviar. Broccoli. Cherries.
-Books: Pretty much anything by Kurt Vonnegut jr., T.C. Boyle, or Chuck P.
-Hobbies: Writing, reading, consuming media. I also love to cook and am excellent at it.
-Best Time: Friday the 13th, full moon, in a graveyard, being nailed from behind while leaning over a crumbling tombstone.
-Fave Position: Missionary. Hands down, it's the easiest way to make me cum.
-Masturbation Material: Hentai, by and large.
-I Have a Crush on: Joanna Angel (shhh, don't tell her!) and Bailey Jay
-Drink: Gin martinis, vodka and soda, good scotch
-Smoke: marlboro menthol light 100's (when I drink), and the occasional doobie
-Bad Habits: I'm a picker. I pick blemishes, scabs, ingrown hairs, splinters, you name it. Not just my own. I'll try to come after yours, too.
-Where I Hang Out: Home. Goth clubs. Seedy little bars.
-Favorite Burning Angel: Pretty sure I love all of them.
-Why I am a Burning Angel: It all comes down to my immense fuckabilit


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Larkin Love
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