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Jeff Milton

Jeff Milton,
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I love her...? i love her


Model kseniya semiohina


And you're posting all that why, exactly?


First name: Xenia Sergeevna
Name: Semiokhina (Barinova)
Date of Birth: June 22, 1994
Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
Origin: Caucasus

Eye color: brown
Hair color: blond
Height: 162 cm
42 kg
Breast Size: Medium
Measurements: 81-61-85 cm


He name Kseniya.


irrespective of a slightly curious moniker, this girl is just absolutely and completely lovely!


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I want to fuck you my love , i love you baby ,i'm from morocco and i love you so much


The text pasted by "Not-Jeff-Milton" comes from a lame ass slut shaming website... What's the purpose of it you're asking yourself anon? For the sake of ruining their lives, as the frustrated wankers they are. It's a pity..


Why do people post real names of girls? Besides being creepy as hell, it is a great way to drive awesome girls out of the business and keep more from going in. All we will be left with will be desperate crack heads.


@anti-moron, if correct, there's no real name visible here, but there was a link to it, which is removed now.


Did she allow you to reveal her real name?!
I doubt it. So, please, remove that post!


Jeff Milton

Current age 18

Eye color hazel

Hair color brown

Height 165 cm

Weight 44 kg

Breast size medium

Measurements 84/61/86

Country Russian Federation

Ethnicity Caucasian

Extended bio

I want to see and experience life to the full load and I will use all variety of colors to paint it. I want to enjoy life because the world is so interesting. I want to see it all and show all of me :) I love listening to the sounds of the sea and melodious music. Now meet me in my blog:

Age: 18
Height: 162
Weight: 44
Measurements: 85-60-85
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Arrondissement: 75014
Amour Russe 2012-2013

According to an escort girl review website:
"This baby Amanda is delightful. She embraced me tenderly as was her teddy bear. (...) Her sexual level is surprisingly skilled and I had not to guide her. She's nice but her level of English is not the best. She comes from Ukraine and studies economy and management (...) I did ask t her how she finds this new job and she answered: "It' s difficult but I'm strong". She also spoke to me about some "bad clients" without giving details. I have an impression that the agency imposes on them (their girls) not to speak too much of this." [edit by Webmaster: removed link to personal info]


does anyone know if she will become active again?


Bruce Milton would have been a more amusing name.


and she's name Amanda Moore


She removed her account, she flew to France and offered escort services there


Krava, I can't find her on What's her name on their site?



[removed by Webmaster: link violates copyrights]


Who cares about whether its her real name or not? the most inportant thing is: she is one of the most sweetest women since a very long time


I doubt this is her real name...


nice jeefy


Yes I can think of several but it's still annoying to use typical male name for girl.
#1 transgender (hard to believe)
#2 parents really wanted boy and stuck with name even though they had girl
#3 typo maybe name got mixed up in translation?


why the hell is her name "jeff?" that's a boner killer name. i am now soft.


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Jeff Milton, Vittoria Amada, Yvonne
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