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Search usage

  • A combinations of the search types (model, website, date) isn't possible in one search request. (Currently on the TODO list.)
  • Only one search item per search is possible. So you cannot enter multiple models/websites/sets at once.

Model search:

  • Case insensitive. Example: candice luca will also find Candice Luca.
  • First names or last names will also find full names. Example: candice will also find Candice Luca, and luca will also find Candice Luca.
  • Search will find *similar names*, names with small typos. Example: Candice Lucca will also find Candice Luca.
  • But Similar Search will only look for complete name matches, so if you search for a first name it will only look at first names and not at full names (the combination of a first and last name). Example: Canddddice will not find Candice Lucca

Website search:

  • Use the domain name for websites. Example: (with ".com" but without "www.").

Date search:

  • Searches for sets and models of a given date.
  • Use this format year-month-day or yearmonthday. Example: 2015-01-02 or 20150102