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She's really princess.

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TeenPornStorage Gerda 150821 Sweet Beauty
AmourAngels Gerda 150920 Pink Zephyr

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The Ice Princess by James Darr

There once was a princess,
In the mountains of ice up high
Her ice-cold heart knowing no love
The beauty of her ice-cold eyes unimaginable.

I was sent on a quest to bring back an
Item that she held in her keep,
So honor bound and duty set I marched
Until I came to where the princess dwelled.

My sword in hand and shield at the ready
I didn't see the horror that I was told
Her beauty made me weak in the knees,
The unimaginable grace she beheld.

Even the princess of ice can also melt
For her heart melted and felt warm it
Trapped me forever in her grace freezing
Me we both are now trapped forever in the ice

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