Cali Nova

Cali Nova,
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Cali Nova scenes at Burning Angel

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Submitted Model Info

-Height: 5' 1
-Sign: Taurus
-Location: Los Angeles
-Ink/Metal: Too many to list.
-Music: Rock & Roll
-TV: The Cleaner
-Movies: The Boondock Saints.
-Video Games: Fight Night on XBOX
-Food: Mick's jizz.. James's jizz.. Mr. Pete's jizz.. Dane's jizz.. and Brian's jizz!
-Hobbies: Fucking Kalen Chase :)
-Books: Fuck em!
-Best Time: Was in a tattoo parlor, in a bar bathroom, under a freeway bridge, in a booth at a club, in a park pool, fuck if i know which was best!
-Fantasy: Fucking Jared Leto or Bill Kaulitz
-Favorite Position: I love them all!
-Masturbation Material: Pocket rocket... butt plug... and some lube.
-I Have A Crush On: Joanna Angel!
-Perfect Match: Kalen Chase
-First Time: Was with a hot preppy hockey player.
-Drink: I'm a fish!
-Smoke: I'm a chimney!
-Bad Habits: Fuck drugs and guys who do them!!!!!!
-Where I Hang Out: Burgandy Room or Tinys in Hollywood
-Favorite Burning Angel: Joanna Angel, Eden, Jane, Allister, Cadence, Envy, and Joy
-Why I Am A Burning Angel: Because everyone is awesome. Duh!


Cali Nova in So Im guessing you like tattoo...,  at Her Freshman Year
Cali Nova