Angelika B

Angelika B, Katjusha
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She also did 4 sets as Genja. All were removed but they are: 2005-02-27 - Leather Chair, 2006-08-28 - Genja, 2006-10-07 Genja & Inna - Duet, 2006-12-02 - Genja & Inna - Greece. covers

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These two are REALLY close. The best girl in the Galitsin stable was Natia, IMHO, who I have really missed. Angelika B could be a clone. She first appeared the same time the whole Galitsin collapse happened and Natia disappeared. So the timeline is right. Unfortunately the moles don't match up and AB doesn't smile or have quite the same camera presence. But, close enough to be startling. PS: Natia had 100+ covers but not 'Indexxxed'??

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Katjusha (Angelika B) in Water Fowl,  at Skok Off
Angelika B