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Search usage

Model search:

  • Type one model name only, otherwise it won't work. You can also enter the fullname + lastname.
  • Case insensitive. Example: candice luca will also find Candice Luca.
  • First names or last names will also find full names. Example: candice will also find Candice Luca, and luca will also find Candice Luca.
  • *Similar names* - names with small typos - are supported. Example: Candice Lucca will also find Candice Luca.
  • But Similar Search will only look for complete name matches, so if you search for a first name it will only look at first names and not at full names (the combination of a first and last name). Example: Canddddice will not find Candice Lucca

Website search:

  • Type one website only, otherwise it won't work.
  • Best: use the domain name for websites. Example: (with ".com" but without "www.").
  • Less accurate ways: use the complete name of the website. Example: perfect gonzo. (This does NOT work in combinational searches, see below.)

Set Date search:

  • Type one date only, otherwise it won't work.
  • Searches for sets and models of a given date.
  • Use this format year-month-day or yearmonthday. Example: 2015-01-02 or 20150102

Set search:

  • If you have a set name, search may give show the set.

Combinational search:

  • model + website: this allows you reduce to a model search within a single website. Example: candice will search for a "candice" appearing at Limitations: 1) similar name searches aren't supported 2) website complete names aren't supported, only domain names 3) you cannot use aliases as model names, only the name that is used at the website or at indexxx.

Google Search

  • Use the Google search if you are looking for other search patterns/types than the ones listed above.